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George Soros is a prominent American financier, philanthropist, and philosopher.



George Soros is a prominent American financier, philanthropist, and philosopher.

George Soros is an American-Hungarian financier, trader, investor, and philanthropist who is known for using his multi-million dollar fortune to promote liberal democratic messages around the world, especially in the countries of the former socialist camp in Eastern Europe.  

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  • George Soros – the path of life
  • George Soros’s wife, who should this woman be?
  • Are the children of George Soros lucky or are they hostage to their father’s reputation?
  • George Soros Best Quotes
  • What is the status of George Soros now?
  • Is George Soros a Freemason?
  • Books by George Soros

        George Soros – Path of Life

George Soros, “Person of the Year” according to the British edition of the Financial Times, was born in Hungary, in the city of Budapest on August 12, 1930. His family was of Jewish origin and at first he had the surname Schwartz, but with the outbreak of World War II they were forced to change it to the Hungarian variant Shoros (Soros). To hide from the Nazis, young George left Hungary and moved with his family to England.

He also graduated from the London School of Economics there. He did not immediately find a job in his specialty, so he worked as a street vendor, waiter and even a porter. During all this time, he did not give up attempts to get a job in the financial sector. The dream of a skilled job came true and George gained his first experience as an intern at Singer and Friedlander Banking Institution.


George Soros is a prominent American financier, philanthropist, and philosopher.

1956 marked Soros’s move to New York, where he first worked as a broker and then as a Forex financial analyst at Wetheim & Co. While working in international arbitrage, George invented a new and unprecedented method of trading, which he called “arbitrage”. internal”. At the same time, the first scientific work of his appeared, entitled “The heavy burden of consciousness.”

By 1967, he was already a research director at Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder, a leading brokerage firm specializing in European stock markets. In the same company, with one hundred thousand dollars, he managed to form an investment fund with a capital of four million dollars.

In 1969, Soros became director and, at the same time, partner of the Double Eagle Foundation and over time transformed it into the renowned Quantum Foundation. The activities of the fund, according to many opinions, were based on adventurous stocks with values.

Soros is believed to have raised a huge jackpot, over $1,000,000,000, winning from the rapid decline of the pound in 1992. After this event, George is called “the man who crushed the Bank of England”.

In 1995, the capital of the Quantum fund was $10 billion and Soros’s personal profit was equal to a third of this income.

In 1997, when many countries in the Asia-Pacific region suffered from the economic crisis, there were immediate attempts to catch George Soros in the attack on his currency. But all were refuted.

In 2000, the NASDAQ crashed and Soros suffered heavy losses. Damage was estimated at approximately $3 billion. Action was taken immediately and Quantum switched to a lower risk strategy.

In the life of a famous financier, there was also litigation. For example, in 2002 he was convicted of getting rich through insider trading. It is estimated that he raised $2 million in shares of the French financial institution Societe Generale. For this he was fined 2.2 million euros.

But even despite these incidents, George Soros remains one of the richest people in America.

George Soros’s wife, who should this woman be?

In fact, George Soros has not one, but already three wives, but almost all of them in order.

The first wife was Anna-Lisa Witchak, who in 23 years of marriage gave him 3 children: son Robert, daughter Andrea and son Jonathan. This woman was an ethnic German immigrant who lost her family during World War II.

Soros contracted a second marriage in 1983. The new chosen one was younger than her husband by up to 25 years. Susan Weber, that’s her name, who studied art in New York, gave birth to two more children: the eldest son, Alexander, and the youngest, Gregory. Susan created the Bard Alumni Center for the study of decorative arts and the history of design and material culture. She is also their leader. Union George and Susan suffered the same fate as with his first wife, after 22 years of marriage, they still divorced.

George married his third wife in 2013. George’s new lover is Tamiko Bolton, 42, who works as a yoga trainer. Even the big difference in the age of the newlyweds, which is 41 years old, did not prevent their love.

As you can see, there is nothing in common between the three wives, except youth, regarding the age of the spouse. Therefore, we can conclude that certain qualities that should be present in the wife of a millionaire can be said to be null. Everyone has a chance.

Are the children of George Soros lucky or are they hostage to their father’s reputation?

As we already know, from the first 2 wives, the billionaire had five children: Robert, Andrea, Jonathan, Alexander and Gregory.

Some of them decided to follow in the footsteps of their father in the financial industry, some devoted themselves exclusively to charitable activities, some did not decide what to do at all. Then everything is in order.

Alexander is a true American philanthropist. He is the Vice President of the Open Society Foundations and a Young Member of the 2018 World Economic Forum World Leaders.

Jonathan started out at his father’s mutual fund, but then decided he had left that job behind and started his own company.

Andrea is the founder of the Trace Foundation, which supports Tibetan culture and the Tibetans’ struggle for independence from China.

Robert: Oversees the management of the Mr. Soros Foundation.

Gregory, the youngest of Soros’ sons, became famous only for his scandalous behavior.

Best quotes from  George s Soros

To better understand the type of thought of George Soros, it is necessary to delve into his own statements, which is why we have compiled for you a small selection of his quotes. You can easily get acquainted with a huge number of them on the sites dedicated to this person. Perhaps some of them will help to become a genius of the future.


George Soros is a prominent American financier, philanthropist, and philosopher.

“When a person takes big risks, they need inner discipline.”

“You need free time to achieve it. It takes time, which is completely subject to you.”

“I constantly insist that subordinates talk about their difficulties; whenever I try to provide support, of course, if they are willing to state that they have problems. “

“How good are the markets at predicting real-world events? Reading through the post, it’s surprising how many disasters you expected that didn’t actually happen.

Financial markets constantly predict events, both positive and negative, that do not materialize precisely because they were expected.

It’s an old joke that the Forex stock market predicted seven of the last two recessions. The markets are often wrong.”

“Money is only one of the elements of happiness and, in specific situations, it can do more harm than good.”

“I don’t play with the same variety of rules, but I always try to change the rules of the game by customizing it myself”

“I accept all my verdicts on the basis of some combination of theory, practical knowledge, and inner feeling.”

What is the status of George Soros now?

We can definitely say that Soros is one of the most famous and successful investors.

Now he lives in a luxurious penthouse in one of the skyscrapers in downtown New York and his financial situation is estimated at 25,000 million dollars.

To this day, it finances a network of foundations that work in thirty-one countries around the world. Its activities focus on training and sponsoring the infrastructure of an open society. Each year these funds spend approximately 400 million dollars to help projects in education, health, training of civil society, etc.

Soros also acted as an investor in Cadre, owned by Jared Kushner and Ryan Williams.

Is George Soros a Freemason?


George Soros is a prominent American financier, philanthropist, and philosopher.

Many people believe that George Soros owes his success to the Freemasons, represented by the Rothschilds. After all, he started his career at his bank, and even now this bank is linked to the main fund of George Soros “Quantum Fund”. As if it was from the Rothschild family that Soros received the initial capital from him, and they were the ones who introduced him to the first investors for his fund. It is impossible to ignore the fact that there are Rothschild ambassadors among the Quantum Fund Board of Directors, for example, Richard Katz.

Some argue that despite all the successful deals on the stock markets, Soros also owes the help of the Rothschilds.

Well, if the masonic lodge has been helping you for so many years, you are definitely one of them. In this way, many argue his conjectures about Soros belonging to the Freemasons. 

Thanks to Soros’ investments, velvet uprisings were possible in both Poland and the Czech Republic. That activity fits perfectly into the base of Freemasonry. After all, the Freemasons, proclaiming freedom and will, really start revolutions, promote responsible people to power, and through them “pump” the material and natural wealth of these states.

Books by George Soros

George Soros is a real example in terms of calculating and predicting the course of events in the global economy. That is why his books are so valuable. We present to his attention a list of them:

  • Alchemy of Finance (2010)
  • Soros on Soros. Ahead of Change (1996)
  • The Soviet System: Towards an Open Society (1991)
  • The new paradigm of financial markets (2008)
  • The bubble of American supremacy. Where American Power Should Be Headed (2004)
  • The Crisis of World Capitalism (1999)
  • The first wave of the global financial crisis. Subtotals. The new paradigm of financial markets (2010)
  • Open society. Reforming Global Capitalism (2001)
  • “Background” for Russia. What Was, What Will Be (2015)
  • The era of mistakes. The world is on the verge of a global crisis (2008)
  • On Globalization (2004)
  • European Union: Disintegration or Rebirth? (year 2014)

In addition to books on Forex, he writes articles and sketches on politics, society and economics, which are regularly published in major newspapers and magazines around the world.

George Soros FAQ

Who is George Soros? George Soros is a trader, investor, public figure, and financier. Soros owns capital estimated at $8.3 billion, but according to unofficial sources, this amount can be multiplied by 2. George Soros is the founder of the Soros Foundation, a charity that provides assistance in underdeveloped countries and third countries. world. . When was George Soros born? George Soros was born in Hungary on August 12, 1930 into a Jewish family with the surname Schwartz. During the rise of Nazi ideas, the family decided to change his last name to Hungarian: Shoorosh.After moving to England in 1947, the pronunciation of the surname was changed to Soros, in accordance with the linguistic requirements of the English-speaking society. In 1956, the young financier moved to New York, where he began his financial rise. When did George Soros get rich? From 1947 to 1955, George Soros lived in England, where he was a student and handyman. In 1956, the young financier moved to New York, where he began his career as a young merchant. After settling down at a small firm on Wall Street, George went into arbitration and securities. In 1967, thanks to the experience gained, George Soros made one of the most significant advances in the stock market, which brought him his first million.How did George Soros break the Bank of England? In 1992, the UK foreign exchange market experienced the biggest collapse of the British pound, which is associated with the activities of George Soros. Proponents of the theory believe that the financier bought British currency in small lots for a long time and sold the entire financial reserve in one day, exchanging it for the German mark. This theory is not confirmed by analysts, and there is no exact position if the fall of the RRT is related to the activities of the financier. What kind of experience as a trader does George Soros have? George Soros has worked as a merchant since 1956.Initially, as a young financier, Soros worked for a small Wall Street firm, handling arbitrage transactions and developing the concept of insider arbitrage. With the development of skills and the acquisition of experience, George Soros began his career in the foreign exchange market, where he achieved phenomenal success.

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