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Eric Nyman trader, financier, economist, reviews



Eric Nyman trader, financier, economist, reviews

Forex trader Eric Nyman is a legendary financial analyst, Ph.D., author of a number of books on stock trading. The success of E. Nyman is demonstrated by his own financial situation: on behalf of a practicing investor, large sums are received as a result of trading on the spot foreign exchange market, the Russian foreign exchange market, stock exchanges and US commodities and the stock market in Ukraine. Nyman argues that he should take advantage of any financial opportunity to increase his capital; otherwise there is a big risk of seeing zero on his account.


Eric Nyman trader, financier, economist, reviews


  1. Books by Eric Nyman.
  2. Eric Nyman and Wikipedia.
  3. Wife and children of Eric Nyman.
  4. Famous quotes by Eric Nyman.
  5. The state of Eric Nyman and his thoughts on the safety of Ukrainian citizens.
  6. Eric Nyman, Freemason?
  7. compromising evidence

Eric Nyman’s books

Eric Nyman’s books are of great help to the novice trader. The most famous book on Forex is “The Little Trader’s Encyclopedia”. It was published in 1997 and continues to be a success: it has been reprinted and improved over the last 22 years, the eleventh edition being the most recent and relevant. In the 90’s, forex tutorials were virtually absent and traders had to trade blind until Eric Nyman systematized and presented his insights in a Forex textbook. The book contains important information:

  • defines two concepts: fundamental and technical analysis of Forex;
  • describes support and resistance levels;
  • gives definitions of the terms futures, trading, stocks;
  • explains how a trend rises and falls;
  • the author considers all options for the continuation and reversal of the trend.

The success of Eric Nyman’s first book showed that the public is interested in improving their knowledge of economics, which is why the forex trader wrote several more tutorials:

  1. “Trader-Investor” is a book with seven sections that describes the skills that a trader needs to invest correctly in the stock market. It is worth clarifying that the publication did not gain great popularity, it appeared at a time when the population was fully launched into speculation instead of investment.
  2. “Master Trading: The Secret Materials” is a book about the knowledge that a successful speculator must have. The information in the textbook is structured and generalized, so even beginners in trading have no problems with the perception of information.
  3. “The Road to Financial Freedom” is the personal experience of a broker who has managed to improve his financial situation and gain financial freedom. In his youth, Eric Nyman was a poor student, and now he is a famous millionaire trader: now the investor teaches others, motivates for success and inspires. 
  4. “How to buy low and sell high” – the book will help you navigate the financial market, get used to the fact that the concepts of “expensive” and “cheap” do not exist, they are relative.

In addition to books, the scientist wrote hundreds of various articles and notes on the foreign exchange market, the economy in general, and trading on the stock exchange. Naiman is an example of human resilience and wisdom. In terms of the quality of information, his literature is not inferior to the books of Bill Williams, another famous trader.

Eric Nyman and Wikipedia

About the famous merchant named Eric Nyman Wikipedia contains modest information. It is known that Erik Nyman (descendant of Russified Germans, his parents lived in Siberia), was born on 02/12/1969, graduated with honors from high school and entered NSUEU (the university was previously called “Narkhoz”), choosing by himself the financial and economic power. Despite his education and financial savvy, Eric Nyman’s career path was rocky, helping him become even more successful in the profession:

  • the collapse of the USSR just happened at the time of his graduation, it was difficult to find a job and Eric Nyman decides to speculate with vouchers and currency in Spread (he soon went bankrupt);
  • in 1997, the financier was lucky: he got a job at Alfa-Capital as financial director;
  • after the default (in 1998), Nyman worked as a manager at Polar Invest;
  • in 2001, Eric moves to Kiev, where he works at Millennium Capital as CFO, simultaneously managing personal investments and raising his capital;
  • 2002 is the date of foundation of “Ukrsotsbank”, and Eric Nyman held the chairmanship during the formation of the banking structure;
  • In 2010, the trader finally moved to a permanent place of residence in Ukraine, where he currently works for an international investment-related company called Capital Times.

Eric Nyman not only actively wrote books and taught people to analyze, but also managed to participate in their education. In 2007, the financier successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the Research Institute of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, after which he added the abbreviation PHD to his name. At the moment, the financier teaches students at a business school in Kiev, actively travels around Ukraine and conducts Forex seminars, shares his investment experience and explains how trading is done on the stock exchange.

Wife of Eric Nyman

Eric Nyman’s wife is a mysterious and non-public person. It is known that the couple married in 1991. The couple does not like to talk about their personal life, Eric Nyman’s children do not appear in his personal biography. 

Quotes by Eric Nyman

Nyman does not consider himself a businessman: he considers himself as the thinkers who influence the financial market situation. He promotes this state in his books: he teaches readers to become philosophers, accumulate experience in their heads, and structure the knowledge gained every day. According to Eric, it is not always necessary to rely on logic: the game on the market often becomes successful if he uses his intuition. His books contain a lot of valuable information, the editors of tradernew.pro highlighted the most accurate quotes from Eric Nyman:

  • “Dependence on credit obligations invisibly forces people to work harder. Perhaps more effective than slavery”;
  • “Do not trust too much the promises of politicians, they are not at all responsible for their words”;
  • “If a financial crisis has occurred, do not invest in long-term interest-bearing assets”;
  • “The world has one foot in the global economic crisis. This is what the US Forex stock market is screaming about, and this should be a reason to think about it”;
  • “In the period of active growth of interest rates, shorten the terms of your investments.”

Eric Nyman’s condition and his thoughts on the safety of Ukrainian citizens


Eric Nyman trader, financier, economist, reviews

It is not possible to accurately assess the status of Eric Nyman, but in narrow circles it is known that he has long become a millionaire, and such earnings are the dream of most. Nyman is engaged in teaching activities, publishes books, writes articles for financial magazines, successfully invests personal funds using his trading knowledge. At the same time, the scientist very accurately estimates the financial situation of the Ukrainians. Eric divides them into categories:

  • the oligarchs are the richest, with a lot of capital;
  • rich: people with incomes above 2,000-3,000 dollars per month;
  • businessmen;
  • the middle class, with a salary of $500 to $1,000;
  • the poor living paycheck to paycheck, often weighed down by consumer loans.

Naiman equates Ukraine with a feudal country where officials protect the rich from the poor. Public officials depend on the State and they themselves understand that the number of seats must be reduced. The financier assures that there are few people left in our country who have chosen a labor profession (there is a critical lack of electricians, plumbers, janitors, painters). Perhaps the situation will change over time, and this will have a beneficial effect on the financial situation of the country as a whole.


Eric Nyman trader, financier, economist, reviews

Eric Nyman, Freemason?

Information appeared on the network that blew up the Internet: Is Eric Nyman a Freemason? The merchant’s affiliation with Freemasonry is not recorded anywhere. Most likely, the reason for the rumors was Naiman’s love of money. For example, the Ukrainian hryvnia (denomination 500) bears Masonic symbols that conspiracy theorists have seen. The myth was debunked by the NBU press service: the author’s drawing of Grigory Skovoroda was schematically depicted on the hryvnia (he was also classified among the Freemasons). The author called it the “Pythagorean Triangle”, he did not pursue any mysticism, but put the meaning of the work into the picture.However, Eric Nyman is a mysterious figure, as evidenced by significant gaps in his biography. Who knows, maybe he belongs to one of the 12 officially functioning Masonic lodges in Ukraine.

Eric Nyman getting engaged

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Frequently Asked Questions about Eric Nyman

Who is Eric Neumann? Renowned financial analyst, author of several books on stock trading. A practicing trader who works on the Russian forex market, the US stock and commodity exchanges, and with securities in Ukraine. Eric works with various financial instruments, so he builds capital and reduces the risk of losing money to zero. When was Eric Neumann born? Eric was born in 1969 in Novosibirsk, comes from Russified Germans. Graduated from high school and university in Russia, he studied at the Faculty of Finance and Economics. The issuance of the diploma did not give Eric the proper knowledge. At a young age, he moved to his grandfather’s homeland in Ukraine.After the collapse of the USSR, he began to engage in foreign exchange trading. When did Eric Neumann get rich? There is no exact date when Neumann became rich. It can be assumed that 2011 is decisive in Eric’s professional career. Neumann is named Managing Partner of Capital Times, a renowned international investment company. Does Eric Neumann offer trading courses? A practicing trader gives training courses, seminars and lessons. In the near future, a seminar “How and where to make money in 2020?” Eric is known as the author of informative and interesting books for novice investors. The main work is the “Small Merchant’s Encyclopedia”.The book, published in the 1990s, is popular with modern speculators. What is Eric Neumann’s experience as a trader? Eric has been working in this direction since the 1990s, when a historic change began in the country’s state system. The company “Spread”, created together with university professors, did not produce the desired result, since the process of purchasing securities from the population was not implemented, due to changes in the country’s legislation. In 1998 he held the position of portfolio manager at Polar-Invest. In the early 2000s, he was CEO of Millennium Capital.

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