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Eric Nyman – all books



Eric Nyman - all books

Eric Nyman’s books are now very popular. This financier is one of the few Russian-speaking traders who has gained worldwide fame. He was born in Novosibirsk in a family belonging to the so-called. “Russian Germans”. Naiman managed to get an excellent financial education, and in the days of the USSR he got his first experience in the financial market. In the 1990s, he became an active trader and later moved to Ukraine. Over the years, Nyman has changed many positions at large financial firms, allowing him to gain extensive experience in the field of asset management.The author shares his knowledge and experience in numerous books and trainings, which are now available online for everyone interested in stock trading.


  • A selection of the best books by Eric Nyman.
  • The best books for beginning traders.

A selection of the best books by Eric Nyman

Eric Nyman’s books sell in large print runs as they are written in accessible language. They are designed for different categories of traders, allowing both beginners and professionals to deepen their knowledge. Here are the most famous books by Eric Nyman:

  • The Small Trader’s Encyclopedia is the first edition of Nyman’s work, which is a guide to the world of stock trading and technical analysis. It stands out for the fact that it was written in the era of the formation of the stock market in the post-Soviet space and is designed for those who are taking their first steps in this field.
  • Trader Investor – This book focuses on the skills that should help a trader be successful in stock trading.
  • “Master Trading: Secret Materials” – In this book, the author summarizes his knowledge and skills that he acquired over the years of working on the stock market.
  • The Path to Financial Freedom is Nyman’s most famous work, detailing the basic strategies and techniques used by exchange traders.
  • “How to Buy Low and Sell High” – the book allows you to see the world of stock trading from a new angle and will be useful to those who have studied the theory well, but want to know how it differs from practice. From it you can learn how Forex rebates work and other aspects of the market.

The best books for beginner traders

Eric Nyman has written almost all of his books for newcomers to the market. They allow you to get an idea of ​​how the financial market works, what constitutes the foreign exchange trading process, what is technical and fundamental analysis. Novice traders, in addition to these books, should also read the works of foreign authors, which have long become classic and generally recognized. First of all, this refers to the books of B. Graham, F. Fisher, B. Steenburger, Ed. Lefebvre, A. Damodaran and others. It is also important not to forget to reinforce your knowledge with practice and to really start working on the exchange.

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