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Quik scalping indicators



Quik scalping indicators

There are many short-term trading strategies available today. But the undisputed leader among them is scalping, which is used by thousands of traders in a variety of markets. The scalping method allows you to make a profit by trading different financial assets or using different terminals. One of them is the Quik trading terminal, which is considered the most popular platform among Russian exchange traders. You can equip yourself with many helpers and analysis tools, among which QUIK scalping indicators take an important place.

The best indicators for scalping Quik

The Quik terminal has several dozen built-in indicators that can be used when trading on different timeframes, helping to better understand the market. In addition, there are a number of indicators adapted for Quik, which have repeatedly proven themselves when used on other trading platforms. For the scalp on Quik, the following are most often used:

  • moving averages;
  • RSI (Relative Strength Index)
  • volume indicator;
  • Stochastic
  • fractals
  • Super Scalper.

Moving Averages (MA) are the undisputed leader among the indicators used in scalping. They are considered to be the most important trend indicator that shows the current direction of price movement. This indicator is calculated based on price analysis at different time intervals, and in order to increase trading efficiency during scalping, it is necessary to use several MAs. Moving averages are also often used in combination with other indicators like fractals. This makes it possible to see the moment when a new trend is born, as well as to understand what consolidation is in trading and to increase the efficiency of trading within a sideways range.


Quik scalping indicators

Fractals combined with moving averages

Among the oscillators in scalping on Quik, Stochastic is most often used, as well as the RSI index. These Quik scalping indicators are additional tools that allow you to determine when a trade was opened, as well as reveal the strength of a trend. Along with them, the trading volume indicator is also often used, which contains a lot of useful information about the market. In particular, with its help, you can see the time when large volumes have passed on the market, which is good for the intentions of the big players.


Quik scalping indicators

RSI and Stochastic Oscillators

How to choose indicators for Quik scalping

In order to choose the right indicators for Quik scalping, you must first gain enough trading experience. Without it, even the most accurate and efficient indicator can be rendered useless. It is also important to remember one important rule: a large number of indicators can only confuse, because in a moment they can begin to display different information. In practice, experienced traders only use a couple of indicators, such as moving averages and volumes. And even then they are not the main tool, but only an auxiliary one.

When choosing and using an indicator, it is important to remember to set it up correctly. Moving averages should be chosen taking into account the specifics of the trading strategy, taking into account that their value is constantly recalculated. You should be especially good at setting up oscillators or indicators adapted for Quik by third-party developers.

Logic of using Quik indicators

The use of indicators in Quik should be based on the logic that none of them should be the only tool to make a decision. Using the indicator, you can determine the direction of the trend, set the parameters of the price channel or the volumes that have passed through the market. But to understand exactly when it is necessary to open a deal, and even more so the amount of an order for them, is almost impossible. To do this, a trader must rely on his own experience, the logic of the development of the market situation, and also be able to read the stock market tape and the order book.It is on this that the success of trading on Forex trading floors is based, because during scalping, large lots in the order book and their locations play a much more important role than, for example, the crossing of moving averages. . It is also important to remember

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