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Larry Williams: Legendary Merchant, Writer, and Politician



Larry Williams: Legendary Merchant, Writer, and Politician

Among stock traders there are people whose achievements are legendary. Larry Williams (Williams) undoubtedly belongs to such people: a brilliant American trader, author of many books on Forex, public and political figure, owner of the phrase ” trading for all”.


Larry Williams: Legendary Merchant, Writer, and Politician

Today on the tradernew.pro site we will tell you about this multifaceted person who has managed not only to achieve phenomenal results in futures trading, but has also performed in other areas.


  1. Larry Williams: years of childhood and study.
  2. The beginning of the work activity.
  3. Trading in the Forex stock market is becoming a matter of life.
  4. The first million and the true glory.
  5. Envy of the ill-wishers and confirmation of the effectiveness of the strategy.
  6. A strategy used by a prominent trader.
  7. Books by Larry Williams.

Larry Williams – childhood and study years

The small town of Miles City, located in the state of Montana (USA), became the place where on October 6, 1942 a child was born to the family of Silva Berthea and Richard Sigwart Williams, whom his parents They called Larry.

The childhood years of the future celebrity were spent in Billings, the largest city in Montana, where the boy’s father worked at a local refinery. In this city, Larry Williams attended high school, from which he graduated in 1960. While still in school, Larry showed a thirst for knowledge. He not only studied well, but was also active in public life: he was part of the school football team, and was also the editor of the school’s wall newspaper.


Larry Williams: Legendary Merchant, Writer, and Politician

While studying at school, many were able to hear that Larry Williams clearly had literary skills. Therefore, no one was surprised when he entered the University of Oregon, located in Eugene, Oregon, at the Faculty of Journalism, and in 1964 he successfully graduated from it.

Williams will subsequently look back with warmth and gratitude on the years spent at the university and its faculty. In memory of university professor Max Wales, she will establish a scholarship for journalism and communications students who have demonstrated creative talent but do not have a GPA.

Start of work activity

After graduating from college, then still an aspiring journalist, he went to New York, where he got a job at an advertising agency as a proofreader. But this job did not suit Larry Williams. He fought for more. Therefore, after weighing all the pros and cons, Larry decides to leave New York and return to his homeland.

Even then, he had the idea to open his own business and not settle for little. Williams quickly put his idea to work and began publishing a newspaper called The Oregon Report.


Larry Williams: Legendary Merchant, Writer, and Politician

The main content of this newspaper was economic and political news. By publishing financial materials in the newspaper, Williams gradually came closer to drastically changing his life and becoming a stock speculator.

Stock trading is becoming a matter of life

In his memoirs, Larry Williams says that he once came across an article saying that the shares of one of the companies rose significantly over the course of a day. To explain what this means, he asked his friend, who said that the increase in the share price by two and a half points allowed its owner to receive $250 in profit on each of those shares.


Larry Williams: Legendary Merchant, Writer, and Politician

Such arithmetic amazed Larry. In the mid-1960s, $250 was considered very good money. And if such an amount can be earned in just one day, then this matter must be resolved, Williams decided. To prepare for stock trading, he began to study newspaper publications devoted to stock trading, books and monographs on economic topics, publications that explain what Forex fundamental and technical analysis is.

It is known that theory without practice is dead. Realizing this, Williams began to closely watch the actions of professionals on the exchange and learn from their experience. This allowed him in 1966 to enter the market independently and start trading stocks. In 1967, he took another step to improve professional skills, obtaining a financial consultant certificate. It allowed Williams to not only trade himself, but also coach newcomers.

The first million and true fame


Larry Williams: Legendary Merchant, Writer, and Politician

This is not to say that Williams started out making a lot of money trading on the stock market. No, it’s not like that. The technical analysis of the stock market, the study of existing indicators and the development of new ones – all this was persistently pursued by Larry Williams. Wikipedia says that Williams created many market indicators in his early years on the exchange, including:

  • Williams% R;
  • Ultimate Oscillator;
  • TOC Indices;
  • accumulation / distribution indicator;
  • cycle forecast indicator;
  • an indicator of market sentiment and commodity price measurements.

But all the efforts of the trader did not bring the desired result until one of his friends advised Larry to try himself in the derivatives market and trade futures on it. The advice was so successful that by following it, Williams made her first million dollars from it in the early 1970s. And that was just the beginning.

1987 brought Larry Williams not only a lot of money, but also fame. Participating in the World Futures Trading Championship, held by the Robbins trading company, Williams not only won it, but also showed a result that amazed many famous traders and specialists. The initial capital of USD 10,000 for 12 months of trading was increased to USD 1,147,000. The return on trading was 11.376%. This result was achieved despite the fact that in October of this year there was a sharp drop in the Dow Jones. Had this not happened, then the result of the Williams trade would have been even more impressive.

Envy of the ill-wishers and confirmation of the effectiveness of the strategy.

After Williams became the winner of the world championship in futures trading, reproaches against the trader began to sound. Some well-known traders began to talk about the fact that Larry Williams is completely zero in trading, and his success is either pure coincidence or a trivial fraud.

The answer to the wicked came ten years later. In 1997, Michelle Williams, the daughter of a famous merchant, had a great success. She, trading according to her father’s method, finished first in the futures trading championship, showing a return of 1,100%.


Larry Williams: Legendary Merchant, Writer, and Politician

The following year, 1998, Larry himself proved his qualifications and proved that only a true master of his craft can become a champion. He became the winner of the championship, showing a return of 2,000%.

The strategy used by a prominent trader


Larry Williams: Legendary Merchant, Writer, and Politician

The strategy that the legendary trader uses in trading does not contain anything unusual. Recommends to anyone who wants to trade profitably:

  • Focus on medium and long term periods.
  • Wait for the formation of a strong and stable trend movement before making a trading decision.
  • The entry and exit points of the market should be determined based on the price trend formed.
  • Do not consider a technical indicator to be a predictor of the future. Use your readings to assess the current market situation.
  • Evaluate the ratio of buyers and sellers before opening a trading position.

Books by Larry Williams


Larry Williams: Legendary Merchant, Writer, and Politician

A lot can be said about the legendary trader and his achievements. But Larry Williams’ books speak of him better than anyone :

  • Long-term secrets for short-term trading.
  • The secret of selecting stocks for substantial and immediate gains.
  • The right action at the right time – prospering in the good years ahead.
  • How I made a million dollars last year trading commodities.
  • The Definitive Guide to Futures Trading (Volume I).
  • The Definitive Guide to Futures Trading (Volume II).
  • Online day trading futures.
  • Sure Thing Commodity Trading, of course.
  • Trade Stocks and Commodities with the Insiders: Secrets of the COT Report.
  • Confessions of a radical tax protester: insider revelations? Tax Resistance Movement (Confessions of a Radical Tax Protester: An Inside Exposition? Of the Tax Resistance Movement).
  • How to prosper in the good years to come.

Books written by a famous dealer have become a real bestseller in a short time. They contain information about how a dream can come true. To do this, you just need to set a goal and strive to achieve it. Larry Williams clearly demonstrates how a goal is achieved. 
We also recommend that you read our article: Bill Williams is a noted trader and book author.

Answers to popular questions about running back Larry Williams

Who is Larry Williams? Larry Williams is a world-renowned businessman, educator, writer, and politician. Larry Williams is the author of the phrase “Trading for All”, which became the motto of his trading school, but was sold as the motto for many companies that taught stock trading. Larry has published the eleven best-selling books on trading stocks, futures, and other financial assets. When was Larry Williams born? Larry Williams was born in 1942 on October 6. Larry’s parents, Sylvia and Richard, lived in Billings, Montana, and worked in a local factory. Larry Williams graduated from high school in 1960, after which he entered the Faculty of Journalism.After graduating from the future star of commerce, he moved to New York and got a job in an advertising agency, but faced with financial problems, he returned home and opened the newspaper “The Oregon Report”. When did Larry Williams get rich? Larry Williams made his fortune in the late 1970s trading futures. Before that, Larry already had trading experience and was quite successful, but he made his first million thanks to deferred value contracts. It is worth noting that Williams increased his capital not only through trade, but also through the publication of books, newspapers, and the opening of a business school. Does Larry Williams have a business school?Larry Williams is the author of the phrase “Trading for everyone”, and in support of his words, he gave the example that the students of his school, without any problem, trade in the stock and currency markets. Larry has also published a large number of books on stock, futures and bond trading. According to the author, all the information that allows him to earn millions in trading is collected in his eleven main books. What is Larry Williams’ experience as a trader? Larry Williams started trading in 1964 and finished in 1998 by winning the Trading Championship with a 2000% profit. To this day, Laria continues to trade, but is only engaged in it for educational and entertainment purposes.His capital, Larry directs it to the field of teaching, and multiplies through the writing and sale of books on financial issues.

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